Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Floral Feels | Graffiti Hunting

{Photos by Kristin Sao}
DRESS⟶ Aryeh brand from Global Village Hawaii
ANORAK JACKET⟶ Forever 21 
NECKLACE⟶ Ali Express (Not the same seller, but the same necklace http://bit.ly/1RFUP5y )
SHOES⟶ Bamboo brand from the LA Fashion District
BAG⟶ Dooney & Bourke handed down from my mom http://ebay.to/1Gs8OQL

This was a really fun shoot that I got to do with my friend and former co-worker, also named Kristin (spelt differently of course, but the same awesome name lol). 
This was our second go-around of pulling together an all day shoot {here's the first shoot}, that consisted of photos and a video. We knew what to expect and we were much more prepared for it. 

THAT, and we had a much easier time going on an adventure looking for different places to shoot around town because we were more familiar with that area lol. This shoot was probably my favorite though, because I'm such a sucker for graffiti. The mural that I'm standing in front of is actually done by my talented, high school classmate {IG}@bothersome. Every year PowWow Hawaii always goes around Kaka'ako and does sick murals all over different buildings. 
{Photos taken by me}
This shoot gave me a perfect excuse to bring back an old past time of mine{graffiti hunting}.
   Graffiti is actually one of my favorite forms of art, besides fashion. To me, graffiti is urban, dynamic, alluring and mysterious. The different styles, techniques, and the struggles they have to overcome to even create their work, are some of the things that really draw me to street art. Some pieces are commissioned, and some aren't. Sometimes they're there, and the next day they're not. It's a game of chance when you catch a glimpse of a mural or even a small piece. You tend to appreciate it more when it's time at a location is fleeting. Its what makes it special to me.

{Photo taken by me. Spotted on a pole while walking through SF's Japantown}
Whether it's exploring Hawaii's downtown, or walking through San Francisco's downtown on my way to school, spotting graffiti is like my sort of "stop-to-smell-the-roses" type of moment. I enjoy the surprise of an unexpected piece of art in the midst of a concrete jungle, and stop to appreciate it…
because it might be the last time I see it again 😉
Don't forget to take yours!



  1. Stunning mural as a backdrop. Your shoes are cute! <3


    1. Thank you ^_^ haha my favorite location so far!