Friday, July 10, 2015

As it Comes to an End

 Photos by Moriah Nakada

This was the last outfit that I threw together to end the spring 2015 semester (more like the only thing that I could throw together since I packed and shipped home some of the clothes and shoes I didn't think I would need.). Several friends and I went to the AAU graduation fashion show after my last, and final, class. It was just the thing I needed to officially end the school year. Surprisingly the only thing that was a major stress that week was packing, not my finals (thank God! haha).

Rumor has it that the first year of your college career is always the hardest. As this wasn't my first year at college, this was, however, my first completed year at AAU; away from home, my family, and a lot of the resources that I've come to rely on so much. I have learned so much from this first year and am so grateful for the opportunities and experiences that this has brought me. It opened my eyes and my heart to realize I am exactly where I should be in life, and why I first fell in love with fashion.

I hope everyone has an awesome summer! (More exciting things happening… go check out my YouTube channel for more recent updates! LoveKikueVideos)