Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Snap Back from the Snapback

Photos by Rebecca Sinclaire (My awesome roommate)

Spring semester 2015 is over and so is my stay in the dorms... for now. I am now back home in Hawaii and looking through my outfit photo's I've shot this past spring. A sense of woeful, longing emotions wash over me as I've come to love, and miss, this city so much. This city that helped not only evolve my style, but help me evolve as an adult, still trying to figure out who I am.

I've always admired bloggers for their creativity and courage to put themselves out there and try new things. Something that astounded me was how Jen Im, from Clothes Encounters, could rock any snapback cap into an outfit and have it look so put together. It was just the right balance of casual, added to an outfit, without ever diminishing the level of chicness.

Growing up in a place surrounded by t-shirts and shorts as the main attire, and flip-flops (known more predominantly as rubber slippers in Hawaii) with snapbacks as most people's choice of accessory, you sort of have a preconceived association with them. I decided to challenge myself with donning something so casual, and styling it with something a little more feminine. The velvet, blown out designs that are scattered across the top have such an elegance to them that inspired me to mesh the two into an outfit.

I know it's no where near the caliber of Jenn Im and I have a long way to go, but I'm trying, right? I can only continue to challenge and improve myself to move forward and become better than I was yesterday. The beautiful city of San Francisco has inspired me in so many ways, and for that, I will always be forever grateful to it.

Top | Forever 21
Shorts | House of Aria
Tights | Old Navy
Necklace | House of Aria
Belt | Forever 21
Hat | The Hundreds